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Facing a criminal charge can be one of the biggest, most life-changing experiences in your life. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, do not think that you have to face the upcoming process on your own. With the help of an aggressive, experienced, and knowledgeable Glenwood Springs criminal defense attorney on your side, you can move forward with your life.

Founding Attorney Greg Greer has devoted his entire legal career to defending and protecting the rights of the criminally accused. Having spent 25 years as a former public defender, Attorney Greer has seen and personally handled nearly every type of criminal defense matter. From minor misdemeanors to major felony charges, Attorney Greer has met every case with steely determination, resolute advocacy, and aggressive strategy.

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Meet Attorney Greg Greer

At Greer Law Firm, PC, we are committed to providing clients with the best possible representation, no matter the charges they face. Our extensive experience and impressive knowledge of the law does not go unnoticed. In fact, Attorney Greer has been regularly featured in the News and the media. He is often consulted on high-profile criminal defense cases, including three murder cases featured on 20/20, 48 Hours, and Dateline.

Devoted to defending the rights of the criminally accused in Garfield County

In 2003, Attorney Greer exposed the prosecution’s failure to disclose information about a particular police officer’s suspicious past. This officer was involved with several prosecutions in the 9th Judicial District. As a result of his tireless pursuit of post-conviction motions, many of the individuals who were arrested by this officer were granted relief and justice.

Aggressive Trial Experience You Can Trust

If you have been arrested, your choice in legal representation could be crucial to the final outcome of your case. You can add strength, persuasion, and power to your defense strategy by working with a Glenwood Springs criminal defense lawyer who has dedicated his entire career to protecting the rights of individuals who are facing the criminal justice system.

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

Attorney Greer was a former Chief Public Defender in the 9th District from 1987-2007 and has devoted his career (which spans nearly 30 years) to exclusively handling criminal defense cases. You need – and deserve – to be represented by a legal professional who can pour unrelenting, unmatched, and unparalleled knowledge into your defense.

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  • Nearly 30 years of first-hand trial experience
  • Featured in the News and Media, including 20/20, 48 Hours, and Dateline
  • Thousands of clients represented in Colorado
  • Named in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers of Colorado by The National Trial Lawyers
  • History of proven results, including dismissals, acquittals, and reductions
  • Confidential initial consultations for clients
  • What to Do After an Arrest?

    Believe it or not, your actions before, during, and after an arrest could be the most instrumental to the success of your case.

    Simply knowing your rights could serve as the strong foundation on which your defense strategy can be built. From protecting your right to remain silent to asserting your right to an attorney, taking these steps could be pivotal to avoiding self-incrimination while simultaneously strengthening your case.

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  • Charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI)?

    Even if you have been arrested for DUI, for failing a sobriety test, or for refusing a breathalyzer test, there are still defense options for you.

    If you have been arrested for DUI, you will need an aggressive defense strategy to help combat the charges against you. We can help determine if your rights have been violated during an arrest, challenge the results of a sobriety test, or utilize other defenses to help protect your rights and driving privileges.

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  • Arrested for Drug Possession?

    Do not think you are alone. We have helped defend the rights of countless individuals who found themselves in similar situations.

    Whether you have been arrested for possession of marijuana, cocaine, meth, or any other type of controlled substance, you will need to speak with us. The possession of any amount of controlled substances could lead to a lifetime of consequences, including prison time, extensive fines, and a permanent criminal record.

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