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What is sealing and how does it work?

If your criminal history is haunting you, it may be time to protect yourself from that history by sealing that record. Maintaining a clean record is incredibly beneficial to your future. Even one arrest on your criminal report can make it difficult to find jobs, gain financial assistance, and perserve personal relationships.

I've been convicted. Can I get it cleared?

In Colorado, many drug convictions and all petty offense and municipal convictions are subject to sealing. All cases involving the successful completion of a deferred judgment probation can be sealed. Also, any arrest for which the charges were dismissed can be sealed. This means that your history cannot be disclosed and will not be available to the public eye. Most importantly, once sealed the law authorizes you to deny the event has happened.

There are a number of circumstances where a criminal record can hinder you:

  • When you are applying for a loan
  • When you are buying a home
  • When you are trying to rent an apartment
  • When you are applying for a job
  • When you are attempting to further your education
  • When you are opening a line of credit

Since every employer, bank lender, and landlord will do a background check on a potential employee or renter's criminal record, the expungement process can save you a lot of hassle and possible embarrassment. The lawyers at Greer Law Firm, PC, have the knowledge to help restore your life.

Why should I hire a criminal attorney?

Does your criminal record affect your life negatively or are you afraid that it might in the future? Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at our firm to discuss the process of sealing your criminal record.

We understand how delicate this matter is. Our Garfield County firm offers confidential consultations with a Glenwood Springs criminal defense lawyer who can help. Call us today at (970) 673-4151.

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