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Have you been accused of a crime? If so, it can be difficult to know what your options are, where to turn for help, and who to trust with your rights, your future, and your reputation. At Greer Law Firm, PC, our firm understands the uncertainties and dilemmas the accused face after being charged with a crime. That is why we pride ourselves on knowledgeable, proactive, and hard-hitting defense on behalf of our clients. Individuals and families that put their trust in our hands can count on diligent and dynamic representation that does not compromise when it comes to results.

Why do clients come to Greer Law Firm, PC?

  • Attorney Greer was a public defender with 25+ years.
  • He has extensive experience—from misdemeanors to felonies.
  • He has consulted for 20/20, 48 Hours, and Dateline.
  • He has been industry-recognized by The National Trial Lawyers.
  • He has represented thousands of clients in Colorado.
  • We offer confidential initial consultations for all potential clients.

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The Cases We Handle

Unlike other firms that tend to zero-in on cases they know they can simply resolve with a plea deal, our firm is capable and prepared to take on a wide array of different criminal charges. Attorney Greer's unparalleled experience as a courtroom public defender means that he has an uncommon grasp of our court system and the challenges the accused face as they confront the allegations against them.

Just some of the cases our firm is ready to handle include:

No matter what your criminal accusation entails, our firm has the insight and resources to ensure that your voice is heard and that you receive every consideration you deserve before the justice system. Do not take chances when it comes to your freedom, your rights, and your future: call our firm today to get an advocate in your corner ready to fight on your behalf—both in and outside the courtroom.

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